Donations are Important !

The Alum Creek Volunteer Fire Department solicits for donations (in Kanawha County) by direct mail only once a year. We do not solicit in Lincoln County. We understand there are many who desire to donate throughout the year, and the need for simplicity of electronic payments. We now can accept your donations via our web site. No matter where you live, you are welcome to make a Tax-Deductable donation to support our department. We need you and you need us! Our highly trained volunteers are available to you around the clock, so please donate whatever you feel you can afford. Through our direct mail request, we accept checks and money orders - NO CASH PLEASE.

What Your Support Has Accomplished

Your past support has achieved a great deal. We have been able to operate and maintain three fire stations and 6 pieces of apparatus. Your support has allowed us to purchase new apparatus and new technology to make us more efficient. Your support has allowed us to repair vital pieces of equipment and also to acquire needed protective clothing and gear for our firefighters.

Did you know.... The average cost to fully outfit (1) firefighter with all needed protective clothing and ready to perform is $ 2,600.00

Did you know.... The average cost of (1) SCBA (air pack) used by firefighters to breath fresh air in smoke filled atmospheres is $ 3,600.00

How Will Your Donation Be Utilized?

Your donation will be used to purchase new protective clothing and fire gear, maintain existing fire apparatus, and be used to make the annual loan payment on Engine 171 (2015 HME).

It costs a great deal of money to provide the required training and to purchase the specialized equipment that we use on a daily basis.

Your donations will always be used in a way that the community has a direct benefit.

Other Fundraising Events

During certain times each year we conduct a photo drive, which is not directly related with normal donation requests. This event provides citizens with a picture package in exchange for a donation, all pictures are taken at our Childress Rd. fire station. Contact us for more info.

Online Payment Area

$ 25.00 Donation

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